There is no better feeling than winching a gap, especially when you land something…  a front 180 is the perfect place to start, as long as you are comfortable landing and riding switch this should be a piece of cake…

Now before you try this you’re gonna want to make sure your take off and landing are clear of all debris and other obstacles that may not be to beneficial to your well being … this part is actually pretty fun, its like an Easter egg hunt, but instead of eggs you’re hunting for rocks, poles, satellite dishes, shopping carts, babies etc.  Its definitely not worth it to just go blind into it, I can’t emphasize this enough.

Frame 1

You’re gonna want to spot your takeoff from the start, pop a little early to make sure you’re not gonna hit your board on whatever it is you’re about to 180.

Frame 2

Flatten off and let go with your front hand as you are popping like you would on any fs 180.

Frame 3

 Pull that handle to your hip and start that spin.  The size of the gap or drop is going to affect how fast or slow you are going to want to spin, this will happen more naturally than you think.

Frame 4

This is when you are going to want to start spotting your landing  and making sure you are gonna clear it… which you are!

Frame 5

Keep your eyes on the landing as your rotation is coming around; start getting your weight over your toes.

Frame 6

This is where your judgment of your spin will really show, if you spun too fast you are gonna be past 180 and fall out over your heels, too slow and you’re gonna be pulling off that sweet 90.

Frame 7

Stomp it, Make sure you are over your toes and suck up that landing.

Frame 8

Hold onto that handle and ride it out, as least you blew that cops mind before he kicked you out!

 Closing Thoughts:  If you skateboard you are gonna have an upper hand on your bros who don’t, it’s the closest thing to it.  Also consider the fact that you spin on an axis, so if you take off too far on your toes, then you are going to land too far over your heels and vice versa… just compensate for it by doing the opposite and it's yours!