When Yan’s not jumping off buildings as a stunt double in movies, he is putting his efforts into perfecting his wakeskate game, and this year he stepped it up noticeably more than most. Yan’s riding definitely improved, but not just in terms of his trick library. He is a rider who has an idea of exactly how he wants his riding to look and never rushes to just learn a new trick for the sake of doing it. Everything he does is popped and caught, which is probably why he was an obvious addition to the super stacked Remote team. Add in his funny accent and mellow attitude that make him a joy to be around on and off the water, and you have the whole package. Yan is poised for big things in the future, and his spot alongside the likes of Andrew Pastura, Ben Horan and the rest of the Remote team will surely keep him in check and pushing his riding for years to come. We can’t wait to see what he does next.