Pound-for-pound Reed Hansen might not be the best wakeskater in the world, but that’s ‘cause the kid probably weighs a buck-fifty when he’s wet. Inch-for-inch though, and he’s got a chance, ‘cause he’s tall… Dieter Humpsch and Byerly are tall too, but Reed might have them by a hair (especially since he’s growing his out again). Regardless of Reed’s height and weight, he is still one of the best and certainly the most well-rounded wakeskater on the planet. Whether it’s behind the boat, a PWC, on rails, or a winch, Reed handles his wakeskate with an ease that makes it seem unfair to the rest of us; which helps explain how he won his second overall Toe Jam title in a row this year. If you need more proof, just look back to the interview he had in the June 2010 issue of Alliance, or check out the videos below, some of the most-viewed wakeskate videos of the year. On top of all his insane riding skills and slender frame, Reed is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and one of the best ambassadors for the constantly growing and evolving sport of wakeskating.