Aaron Reed, Texas style! Photo: Geery

Aaron Reed is now a native Texan (by marriage) and even though he’s only technically lived there for a few years, no one embraces the Lone Star state quite like Reed. It’s mostly the mustache. So when we had a few extra days to hang out, it was only natural we’d get Aaron to be our tour guide and host. We also recruited actual Texans Clint Tompkins, Stefan Schriewer and Bret Little for stunting (or in the case of one-armed Bret, moral support) and set out to enjoy all the riding South Texas could offer up in two days.

Our journey began close to Casa de Reed on beautiful Lake Placid (actually just a dammed off section of the Guadalupe river.) Once we’d roused the crew (seems the Triple Crown post-party may have gotten a bit out of hand) Gabe Lucas got behind the wheel of his trusty boat Barney and the set began. Although Aaron was still somewhat timid from his shattered leg, he looked as home as ever behind the boat. But the real champion of the morning was Bret Little, who managed to make it the entire boat ride without puking (he’d apparently gone extra big the night before.) After Clint had taken his first boat set it months, it was time for tacos and then a little winching.

Bret recovered from his hang over enough to do some barefoot mini ramping. Photo: Geery

We headed off to San Marcos to a spot called 5 mile. Unfortunately at 6 pm on a hot Texas day, 5 mile had turned into the most popular swimming hole in Texas, and even a little sweet talk wasn’t going to make this mission happen. Convinced any other drop would be the same, we decided to check out a secluded little river with awesome scenery the guys knew. But when we got there: busted! This one had a newly erected fence and no trespassing signs all over. In Texas, you don’t disobey No Trespassing signs (they’ll shoot you!) so it was time for plan C.

As the light was fading we ended up in another park, with a perfectly still section of river, great for some flat water tricks. Spare the occasional aggressive kayaker or drunken party barge, we were able to spend the rest of the day here. Clint got a nice back big, but the real star here was Stefan. He used his incredible pop to 180 a protruding tree branch, as well as snap some big spins of his own.

When Clint fell on this kickflip, one of the kids on the bridge literally said “epic fail.” WS.com watch out.

The sky was quickly turning from pink to black, so our riding mission would end for the day, but it turned out Reed had a culinary vision for the evening. As part of his Texas integration, he’s gotten quite skilled at grilling, and whipped up a spread including cheese-filled jalapenos, BBQ chicken, corn and more. We’d definitely had a good ol’ Texas day, and there was more to come the next… but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow to hear about day two! For now, check out some more pictures and of course, the video.