Aaron knows how to make a splash. Photo: Bok

Aaron Reed is one of the first wakeskaters I ever met. In some ways, he’s responsible for the path my life has taken, since meeting him and the rest of the Cassette crew at a Reno skatepark is what got me interested in wakeskating in the first place. Now, more than half a decade later, Aaron just keeps pushing the sport in the right direction, now as not only a rider, but a Team Manager and director of the very cool Obscura brand. So I figured it was time to catch back up with Aaron Reed and see what he has up his sleeve next.

How’s the leg healing up?

It’s alright.  This cold weather isn’t helping, but I’m going to therapy and trying to build up strength in it.  It’s taking longer than I thought, but that’s OK, it’s cold in Texas.

What have you been doing with your free time?

Dan and I have been working really hard on everything Obscura.  We have been filming and capturing, traveling, marketing.  Basically just making deals.  I’ve gotten really in touch with my computer, my iphone, and my tweed sportcoat.  Really professional.

How close is the Obscura vid to being done? What should the people expect from it?

We are planning on premiering the video in August at World’s.  I think we are going to do a whole premier tour though, so don’t fret if the city beautiful is out of your reach.  As far as what to expect from it…..I’m not even sure what to expect from it and I stare at the footage every day.  We don’t have a fancy smancy P2 so look for that early 00’s vibe.  We like to do things fast.

Kids stuff. Photo: Bok

How’s married life? Who does the cooking and cleaning?

Being married is awesome.  I couldn’t be happier.  A lot of my friends are either married, or getting married to, so it makes the transition a lot easier.  We have old people’s nights and stuff like that.  Square dancing, arts and crafts, Solitaire, it’s all fun.  I almost always do the cooking, and Jami cleans up a lot, but our schedules change a lot.  We try and make it more of a team effort.  If one person has a busy day, the other one helps out a little more.  She even cleans up after Grant or Travis get an upset stomach on those late nights.  She’s a keeper.

What is it like acting as a mentor to young wakeskaters these days? Who is your favorite of your mentees?

I don’t really feel like I mentor anyone.  Except maybe Grant.  That one is a sponge.  He is always down to learn, on and off the water.  He is awesome. Everywhere he goes, people have nothing but good things to say about that kid.  The little guy is really growing up.  It makes me want to shed a tear.  I would say Travis too, but we just let him run wild and be free.  He works better that way.  I think Dan is more his mentor.  They are both uncaged birds, flying free.  As for the rest of wakeskating, I’m not sure if anyone really would listen to me, or care, so I really don’t try anymore.  Wakeskating is really coming into it’s own and gaining an identity, and I think things are really looking up.

How do you feel about the current state of wakeskating? Do you see the growth slowing at all? Are we still on the right path?

Wakeskating is really coming into it’s own and gaining an identity, and I think things are really looking up.  I don’t see any signs of the progression slowing down. The guys on top right now are hungry.  It’s getting good.  And that’s just the status quo.  Think about what Austin Pastura will be doing in three years. Ben Horan is awesome.  Follow his path to glory.

Aaron knows how to make short shorts look good! Photo: Bok

You seem pretty settled in Texas these days? How do you like living there?

I love Texas!  It’s a whole new vibe.  I have made some great friends here and I couldn’t be happier.  It has made me rethink my riding a lot.  It’s a lot more difficult to ride behind the boat than just riding a bike to The Wakeboard Camp for a set.  It’s a whole process.  It seems like it has flip flopped on me.  It’s easier to winch now than ride the boat….errr I mean…. It sucks here.  Don’t come to Texas.

Any plans to move back to Florida?

Jami and I have tossed around the idea.  If the right situation presented itself we might, but it is not in our plans right now.

Who is your favorite wakeskater right now?

Dan Hampson.  No questions asked.  I sometimes just drag all of his clips for the video into a timeline and enjoy.  He is so natural.  In a close second is Ben Horan.  He is going to be a huge part of the Friends section in the video.  His footage is unreal.

How many personal photographers do you have? Who’s your favorite to shoot with?

I wouldn’t call any of them my personal photographers, and I don’t limit myself to shooting with anyone.  That being said, there are three guys I normally shoot with.  Bear, Letchworth, and Bok.  Bok is my go to guy here in Texas.  Bear and Letchworth are longtime friends and colleagues from Florida.  I don’t like to play favorites.

Are you proud mustaches have caught on in wakeskating? Do you ever feel bad cause yours is so much better than everyone else’s?

I’m not proud of some of the mustaches in wakeskating.  But the determination is incredible.  I think Ben has been growing his for 3 years.  I’m glad Dan gave up on his mascara muastache though.  He is so professional.

Good old fashioned Texas fun. Photo: Bok

Old person question alert: Are you still in touch with Thomas Horrell? How is he doing?

Yes.  Thomas is doing amazing.  His passion has been reignited and redirected and I think he is really happy.

What are your plans for this upcoming summer?

A lot of traveling and filming.  We are going on a few tours this summer, and trying to just stack up footage.  The premier tour should be pretty fun too.  We are really going to blow shit up.  We also have plans to do a large winch event at TSR during Cablestock in May.  We are still

working out the details, but it should be pretty cool.  I’ll keep you updated.

What do you predict we’ll see go down in wakeskating this year?

The flip.  Come on Hansel, just do it already.