First off, if you haven’t seen the Nike 6.0 movie Aquafrolics, stop reading this right now and go watch it here.

Now that you’re back, let’s talk about how intense the video was. It starred Ben Horan, Nick Taylor, Andrew Pastura and Matt Manzari, with appearances from Silas Thurman and James Balzer. This video took the team from right at home in Florida to Texas, Georgia, and across the world to The Philippines.

The video certainly starts out with a bang, after the wicked water ski title sequence comes a montage of incredible shots from videographer, Matt Staker and some hammers you would think these guys would save for their parts.

All 4 riders have such unique styles it gives the video a great diversity for being a strictly jetski and winch pulled video. Most of these guys have been featured in some recent videos, Nick, Andrew and Ben all in Fun Boots! and Matt in Transgression. The progression seen in Aquafrolics from their previous video parts is out of this world. F*** part order, this is 4 closing sections in a row.

Nicks part opened the video and did not disappoint. Crazy tech tricks mixed with his super clean, smooth style and some unreal angles and backdrops. He is quite possibly one of/if not the most skilled switch rider out there. Andrew, up next, all I can say is WOW! He’s got my vote for video part of the year! Landing every trick you could think of and then some, SWITCH grape flip? Are you kidding me? Next up is a wicked montage from the 6.0 pool gap at Ben’s house in Nahunta, GA. it starts off with Ben dropping the stair set on water skis, then continues with every possible trick on those hubbas or down the set and then again switch. Matt follows up with a part I would consider “HIGH IMPACT” (If my name was Roger Ebert.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone pop anything so high switch as his cab 360’s and front bigs are. And then some unreal flip tricks off a flat bar to add to the intensity Matt has in his riding. Finally Ben’s part, holy buckets! I think I saw every nose and tail slide combination ever and his flip tricks are still the best in the game, if there is a Wikipedia entry for “skateboarding on water” there better be a picture of Ben on there.

So in conclusion, Nike 6.0’s Aquafrolics is the best thing since Top Gun, and if you are foolish enough to be reading this and STILL haven’t watched it yet then I will end this quick and urge you to go download it immediately, seriously, its FREE!