Hippie jumps are always rad because there is a risk factor, especially with this one.  BT wanted to hippie jump the chain and then land back on the dock and then ride away into the water.  Usually hippie jumps are done in the water so it was cool to shoot something a little different.  We started off shooting a straight hippie jump but then BT relieved he could shuv hippie jumps which ended up being sick.  Here are a few different angles and options from the chain hippie jump and why some angles worked and others didn’t.

First try straight hippie jump… success.  The only problem with this is the handle blocking the face and the background is a bit distracting.

No Trespassing, construction zone.  This gives more foreground information of wha tis going on but is still very distracting.  BT blends into the trees and there are a lot of distracting elements throughout.

Timeless B&W shuv.  I changed sides of the dock for this one to try and get rid of the distracting background.  BT stands out more because he is framed in the sky but I knew we could get something better.

Big shuv breaking the chain.  This was my favorite angle so far.  I knew once he landed one form this angle we would be good.

There it is, big shuv hippie jump under the chain.  The background isn’t distracting, you can clearly see he is doing a shut and not just a straight hippie jump and you still get some of the environment elements on the dock with the bucket, drill, wood, etc.