Everyone needs their Bro Support. That guy in your crew who's always there. Always down to ride, or drive and always down for a good time. Every crew has one, so we at Alliance Wakeskate decided to honor some of the greatest Bro Supporters out there. The first, Mike Grasso of Orlando, Fl.

Dave: Alright we have Michael Benjamin Grasso here with us today. So Grasso, you are the first candidate for the new Bro Support article Alliance is starting, how do you feel about that?
Grasso: Pretty stoked about it, I’d like to thank my mother and my father and my dog, ya know, the main people in my life.

How did you get involved in wakeskating?
Back like senior year of high school I met this kid, he was like sick, killer wakeboarder. And I was down with that for like 8 or 9 minutes, and so I wakeboarded for a while until I met Josh Kirby, and then I met you and everybody else that I know right now and got into the whole wakeskate thing, finally decided to switch over. Saves a lot of gas.

How much do you get to ride?
Well I used to ride with you everyday and with Andrew (Pastura) everyday, and Kirby out at the Nanner (Lake Nan). And then I got a spot, I just moved into the Projects like a month or so ago and I get to ride out there on the rail park everyday so that’s cool and everybody comes out there and gets to take sessions, and I just get to chill with everyone.

Do you have aspirations of going pro?
(Laughs) No. No, I wish I could, but I’m going to be going to chiropractic college. I’ll still wakeskate for sure, but ya know, school’s first.

What makes a good bro supporter?
Just be stoked to be there, be stoked to pull the winch for 12 hours, be stoked to drive the ski for 12 hours, ya know, just be stoked to drive people around all day long every single day. No matter how good or bad you are, as long as you’re stoked to be out shredding I’m stoked for you. It’s all about just pulling your bros, you just get better and better the more stoke there is.

What are your personal qualifications for the position?
(Laughs) Uhhh, shit man, I don’t know, I started meeting a lot of kids, pulled everybody that’s startin’ out. I’m just stoked on riding in general, stoked on everybody, no matter the skill level. I’m down to pull and down to chill.

What is your approach when someone's not having fun?

“You’re a douche bag.” Seriously, it’s better than sitting in class, you’re on the lake, you’re with your buddies, what’s better than that? Everybody gets mad every once in a while when they ride but then they think about it 3 minutes later and they’re like “Ah, I just wakeskated, I’m a piece of crap for being mad.” It’s better than being at work or being at school.

How do you "bring the party?"
(Laughs) Well I took a lot of notes from K.L. (Keith Lant), and the best way to start off a party is with a couple wine coolers, couple shots of Mad Dog 20-20, and the party’s on. Get a keg and invite all the high schoolers you can. The number one way to bring the party is making flyers and going to Scoop and handing them out to all the cool kids, that’s for sure.

What future plans do you have to continue your bro support cause?
I’ve been helping Pat and the Projects crew build this huge set up for Expo, just showing up at Expo having everybody come in and hang out at that, riding with them and chillin’. But yeah, Expo is coming up, then Toe Jam is after that, it’s gonna be gnarly, and major bro support is always showing up at the major competitions with kegs and free drinks. And of course continuing to hype up Fun Boots! and Oak.

Lastly, what advice would you give to people looking to support their bros the best they can?
Pull a lot of winch hours, pull a lot of jet ski hours, meet a lot of people. That’s about it. Don’t do it because you want to be inside the scene, do it because you really like it and you really enjoy it, and before you know it you’ll just be in it more than you thought.