Last week was the official world premiere of Obscura Wakeskates’ new film, “Washed Up Before We Were Has Beens,” in Orlando Florida, and it was a huge success.  So huge infact, that Obscura co-founders Aaron Reed and Danny Hampson decided the only thing that could be bigger would be two premiers in a row in Texas.  The whirlwind weekend will start off in Texas as Aaron and Danny join their friends with Vendetta Mktg. and TAR films to show the film in Corpus Christi Texas.  The night will start at Produce Gallery in the heart of Downtown Corpus Christi.  For directions please visit  The event will begin at 8:30 PM and there will be an after party catered by The Sushi Bar.  But the party doesn’t stop there.  The following evening, the show moves to The Texas Ski Ranch right before the night session.  The video will show at 8:00 on Saturday night and be immediately followed by on of the famous TSR night sessions at 8:30.  Afterwards we will all head to downtown San Marcos for an after party at Bar 141.  Hope y’all can make it!  Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!