My buddy Spencer Carrol from Tennessee just got to Florida to ride with us. We, along with Tommy Wooten, were going to hit the rail park in Anna Maria Island on Wednesday, but the tides were too low. We decided instead to winch a little bit. 

We went down to Three Piers, where we have shot for Alliance before. In order to hit this spot, you have to go out onto a little pier that is old and falling apart. There is no trespassing signs on it, but whatever. Usually the worst is we get kicked out by the lifeguards. After a couple of warm-up pulls we had a crowd of at least ten people enjoying our presence.

But coming to ruin our fun was the Bradenton Beach Police, who pulled up no joke 10 minutes after we get there. They first ask my dad for his ID (he had just stopped by to watch.) As we go up to the cop car another cop pulls up, as if the first one needs any help!

The first cop is getting my dad and Tommy's info, while the second one asks me and Spencer for ours. When the cops pulled up we were not even on the pier! The second cop "supposedly" had been LURKIN' for about 10 minutes and claims he saw us ALL on the pier "trespassing." When he started asking my info and told me I was going to get a ticket, I laughed in disbelief. He didn't like that! He threatened to arrest us because he didn't think it was a laughing matter, nor did he like our "smart ass smirks." We ended up with tickets… $75 each.  

So on Anna Maria Island, the cops have decided they would rather bust US for being productive than actually go and do real police work. We never would have thought that 10 minutes worth of innocent good fun would result in $300 worth of fines. Thanks Bradenton PD! Protect and Serve!