We mentioned awhile back the Byerly Boys were hitting the road on their bus tour. Wonder what spending a day with them is like? Well Dan Deans did just that and was kind enough to share his experience. 

"My friend Scott (not Byerly) and I decided to check out the Byerly demo in Highlands, TX. It was the best decision we have made in a long time. Upon arrival, I stroll up to my friend Mike, who happens to be talking to Ross Gardner. The day appeared to be off to a good start. After some small talk and introductions, we headed out back where the whole Byerly crew was chiilin'. These guys will make you feel as if you have known each other for a while, instead of having just met.

Eventually, my friend Mike decides to drop his ski in the water and let myself and Scott get a set in. Scott demos the Byerly Blend. Then I jump in for my first set. I look up to see the Byerly edition Nautique approaching me. Bret Little throws a FS flip right in my face. Beautiful! 

When I get back to the dock from my set, George Daniels decides to take a set behind the ski. So I jump on with camera in hand and go out to shoot some pics of Mr. Daniels shredding it up.  

After a little break, the Byerly Nautique gets fired up again. Some local kids get to shred it up on some of the Byerly goods, then Ross Gardner take a set. Let me just say, Photo op!

Thanks to the Byerly crew for spreading the good vibe in the wake world. We might not have the Toe Jam leaving Orlando, but Scott Byerly and friends are out on the road giving some love to wakeskate world.

Don't miss your chance to hang with the Byerly crew when they come to your town. This leg of the trip is the first of four this summer. You can find all the dates here.  And be sure to check out what Ross had to say about their time in Texas as well.