There are a lot of contests going on right now, and we're not talking about the Toe Jam/Tige Pro/Am sort here. Were talking about, you can sit on your ass, wearing nothing but your underwear, and enter on your computer sort of contests.

The first one I feel I should mention is going on over at If you haven't heard about it, well, it's Aaron and Danny's new project with LF. But you probably have heard of it, so I will just tell you about the contest. Being the smart guys they are, they've challenged readers to come up with the best palindrome. Think you've got one. Click here to enter.

Next, we're still giving away some Oakley Split THUMPS. Well actually the same pair, but we'll do another weekly drawing tomorrow for Alliance goodies from everyone who's entered. All you have to do is find 5 Oakley logos on the site. (Hint: think about their team.) Think you got it? Click here to enter.

Um, what else? Oh yeah, Buywake and Alliance Wakeboard are giving away Lyman's Limited Edition Board, but unfortunately it needs bindings to work. When will they learn those things aren't necessary?

But over at Wakeside there's a slightly more relevant promotion. Any Ronix purchase qualifies to win a trip to the Projects. You know, where they have the Toe Jam. Click here for that one.

Hopefully I haven't lost you yet, because the last contest is perhaps my favorite. Zak Stone is hard at work finishing up editing Not What 'Cha Think, and so far has logged a lot of footage. So much footage that we've decided to do a little contest with it. So here's how it works. Check out the picture above. Now guess how many tapes Zak has logged. Hint: they are not ALL pictured. Email your guess to Whoever comes closest without going over will win a copy of the completed movie, so include your name and address with you entry in case that's you!