1:49 PM. It all comes down to this:

Nick Taylor vs Andrew Pastura. holy crap.


 12:45 PM. Top 8 battled it out and here is who's moving on:

Andrew Pastra vs Bret Little

Nick Taylor vs Reed Hansen (never seen that match up before!)

We're on break. Brisket for lunch! yum.


11:51 AM. Round one is over. Reed Hansen straight killed it with a flip trick line you wouldn't believe if it came from anyone else. More on that later, for now, here's the line up for the next round.

John Ruark vs Andrew Pastura

Stu Shinn vs Bret Little

Nick Taylor vs Aaron Reed

Brandon Thomas vs Reed Hansen


It's 8:24 am. Wait, that's west coast time. It's 10:24 am. Here's the starting line up.

John Ruark vs Grant Roberts

Clint Tompkins vs Adnrew Pastura

Oury Yarbrough vs Stuart Shinn

Ross Gardner vs Bret Little

Brian Grubb vs Nick Taylor

Aaron Reed vs Gabe Paulson

Danny Hampson vs Branson Thomas

Chase Gregory vs. Reed Hansen