Hey, maybe you've forgotten or maybe you just never heard, but we've got a pretty sweet giveaway going on. Liquid Force has a kick ass apparel package to giveaway to one lucky Alliance Wakeskate reader. 

Since no one looks better in LF Apparel than Mic Styles and Jimmy Balz (a.k.a. Silas Thurman and James Balzer) all you need to do to win is send in your best look-a-like photo of the guys. But, you say, I look nothing like either of them! Don't worry, we're not looking for anyone to get an extreme makeover here. Get creative. Grow a mustache or draw one on and call youself Mic Styles. Get a beautful golden wig and a Canadian accent and you could be Jimmy Balz. Send in a photo or yourself doing one on their tricks. These guys are more than just a look, they are a lifestyle. And we'll probably award some points for creativity.

But the giveaway is almost over, so get your pictures to brooke@alliancewake.com by Sept 30, 2008 for your chance to win! For more info check out the win product section.