The first stop of Raging Pull, Nike 6.0’s grassroots wake series, is going down in Nahunta, Georgia May 24th.  Nike 6.0 team rider Ben Horan is hosting the event in his backyard, complete with a newly build out winch-pond. “Some guy dug a 100 foot long pond in my backyard and we are building a 40×60 foot pool for the event. There will be a pool-gap, hand rails and some hubba ledges. I can’t wait to see the level of riding that goes on, and I’m psyched that I’ll have a pond in my backyard forever,” claims Ben Horan.  Two winches will be available, as well as O'Neil lifevests for all those who want to ride.

Raging Pull is a free-day of wake-skate greatness, complete with a home-cooked feast served up by Ben’s mother and sister in the true spirit of Southern hospitality. DJ Dan Ce will be spinning music all day, with announcing done by Silas Thurman.
The idea behind Raging Pull is simple: Build a creative environment with unique shred-features for the local community and invite everyone for the celebration. No contest, just good times and a chance to ride something new with the Nike 6.0 wake team. Grab your friends for a road trip and join us in the Dirty South for the first stop of Raging Pull. Spray of the Living Shred.

Features include: Pond  100-70 feet, Pool 40-60feet, 2 Hubba Ledges, Pool Gap, and a Hand Rail.
Location: Ben’s Backyard. Nahunta, Georgia
Time: 12:00-5:00 PM
Directions: Google Howard Crossing Nahunta, GA.
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