We were so busy yesterday celebrating a random day between two presidents' birthdays, that we forgot to give away a pair of shoes. Our bad. But today is another day, and congratulations to Matt Melone of Oviedo, Fl. He knew all the answers to the trivia questions, and got picked at random out of the others who did as well, so now we're sending him a brand new pair of DVS Munitions. In case you were wondering (and managed to miss it when some jerk posted them in the comments) here are the answers to the questions:

What was the first Cassette video called?
Linear Perspective/ Decline of the waterski monopoly
Who landed the first kick flip in a movie?
Thomas Horrell
Who had the first cassette pro model? (hint: it's not Thomas Horrell)
Letchworth "the letchy"

What major wake company once licensed Cassette Wake skates?
Liquid Force
What big red item from DVS was once a staple at wake events?
The bus 

If you knew these and we're picked, never fear, we've got more DVS shoes to giveaway, so enter this week as well!