It seems we may have made the questions too hard for the DVS Wilson 4 giveaway, since we didn't get a singe completely correct entry (even from the nerdiest of wakeskate nerds!) So we're letting this one run for another week with hopefully easier questions. In fact, we based them all off the Wikipedia wakeskating entry!

1. What is one of the "unique slang terms" used by wakeskaters?

2. What does Wikipedia credit as the "forefather" of wakeskating?

3. What was the first company dedicated specifically to wakeskating?

4. What year did Cassette enter the market?

5. What is Cassette's demise attributed to?

6. Which fast food chains also apparently sell wakeskates?

7. Why has wakeskating become more "urbanized?"

Hopefully no one changes the Wikipedia entry in the next week, but if the do, oh well! At least we all got a good laugh. Answer those questions and send them to for your chance to win  a pair of DVS Wilson 4s.

Oh and if you were wondering about last week's questions, here are the answers:

Who landed the only kickflip in linear perspective?
Tim Kovacich

What song did Thomas Horrell ride to in Linear Perspective?
milemarker – sex jam one

What was the name of the 3rd cassette movie that was never released?
Alla Prima

Which pro wakeboarder can be seen wakeskating in free 4 all with the first DVS mesh wakeskate shoes?
JD Webb

What former cassette rider released a song about cable parks entitled "sweet silent pull"?
 Danny Hampson