We have a winner for the first week of our DVS Giveaway. Congrats Drew Weatherford of Edmond, OK, you've got a pair of Limited Edition Cassette shoes headed your way. We were going to just keep the same questions for this week's giveaway, but we realized, what fun would that be! So here are the correct answers– check back shortly for the new questions and shots of the shoes up for grabs this week.

1. Who founded Cassette Wakeskates? Thomas Horrell

2. Who was the Cassette rider most recently featured in an Alliance Wakeskate interview? Myles Vickers

3. Thomas Horrell's new shop Keirin, sells what? Track Bikes

4. Name three other riders who rode for Cassette? Acceptable answers: Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson, Drew Mcguckin, Tim Kovacich, Matt Manzari, Reed Hansen, Jim Leatherman, Danny Molina, Myles Vickers, Cole Munster (and probably some more we forgot!)

5. What is the name of the last DVS wake video? NARLA

6. Name one innovation Cassette gave wakeskating? We would have accepted pretty much anything, but four track, bi level, the winch, concave, wood wakeskates,etc etc.

7. What former Cassette rider now works for DVS? Jim Leatherman