If it wasn’t for Adam, this site would have been completely neglected this week and here’s why: I went to Vegas for the annual snowboard trade show. I got up at 6 am on Tuesday to go to the airport and texted a few people to make sure I had content lined up for the week. I had big plans to live my double life with ease, after all, Vegas is a civilized place — they’ve got the internet, right?

Well, they did have the Internet but it cost $15 a day in my hotel and in this economy… Not to mention my blackberry has decided it hates my Alliance email account so I wasn’t even getting emails while I was there. Blowing it!

I am sure you don’t really care about me and what I was doing, but SIA did have some moments of interest for the wakeskate community (especially those of you who also snowboard.) I wasn’t the only wake industry type in Vegas. The LF crew was there, designers and such checking out the new snowboard product for inspiration etc. Ironically though, in one presentation at K2 Snowboards, the guy was explaining the boards new “3-stage rocker” and I was forced to make a wakeboard joke. I also ran into Brandon Parker at the Transworld Riders Poll awards. He was there filming for FuelTV, so big time! And where Brandon is comes Stef Tor, but unfortunately I got her text after I’d already landed back in Portland. I also heard Paul Serberton from levelthirtn was there as well.It was one big party! 

Now I am back and I’ve got a really sick giveaway in the works, a story and gallery that should be done later today. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, if you do care what happened at the snowboard trade show, check out my YoBeat coverage here.