It’s looking like that time of year again. The time when you can say goodbye to your wetsuit, and hello to feeling your legs for once.  I love this time of year for so many reasons. For one, the sun comes up later in the morning, and sets later in the day. Its much easier motivating bro’s to get up at 7:30 instead of 6 in the morning. Secondly, its finally warm outside which makes it easier to motivate myself to get out and shoot. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of great photography that takes place in the winter. I’m just not a fan of sitting on the tube with my hands so frozen that I cant even tell if I’ve taken the shot or not.

 Yesterday I had my first opportunity to shoot in this newly improved weather. I headed over to Steve Campbell’s house to take a little boat set. Having not shot tube in a while, I was amped to get out there. Ever since it got cold, I have been flooding my brain with ideas I would like to try when it finally warms up. I have all sorts of angles and different set ups I want to test out this year, and Steve’s house was my first opportunity. He had an idea for a shot he wanted, which is something that I always love to hear. I feel that people are under the impression that the photographer always knows best, so you shouldn’t tell them what to do. While I do agree with this adage slightly, I don’t believe that riders should stay mute when it comes to their ideas. As far as I’m concerned the rider knows best. They know what they want to see and how they want their trick portrayed. So anytime I can get some feedback from a rider I jump on it.

 Now this angle isn’t entirely new by any means. Wakeboard photographers have been shooting like this a lot as of late in fact. I just always find it interesting to see what kind of take I will have on it in contrast to others. Here is a random shot that I thought I would share from the day. Hopefully this is only the beginning….