After watching the Toe Jam all weekend, I was definitely inspired to get out on the water myself. Wait, no. I was reminded how absolutely terrible I really am at wakeskating, but I still wanted to ride anyway. Hmm, I don't know if that's it either. Whatever, I was in Orlando and I was really excited to finally wakeskate this year! (I'm not quite brave enough go in Oregon yet.)

So yesterday I headed out to Lake Nan to ride with Andy P, who is not only one of the BEST riders out there right now, but a super nice dude who will pull my lame-ass for hours. It's been literally seven months since I last got to wakeskate (seriously, boo, Oregon) but last time out I got my first shuv. I was determined to make it happen again. At least 20 tries and a very sore neck later, I'd say I got one that was pretty much a make…but oh man, it was fun!

Nan (and Orlando in general) did not disappoint. Sunday afternoon and there was only the occasional other jet ski on the water. A little bit of wind, but nothing too major. Warm and sunny. I tell ya, if I didn't hate air conditioned air, I would wanna live here!

Besides my epic shred session, I got to watch/shoot Keaton Bowlby, Kevin Calvez, Jen Gillanfarr, TJ (sorry I don't know your last name), and of course Andy shred the hell out of the lake and the flat bar. Jen was almost landing kickflips, and Kevin has a mean, mean poke. But Andy, oh man. Let's just say look for pictures from today very, very soon. For now though, just enjoy the shot above that JAM took of me. Like I said, pretty much a make.