I don't think the weathermen ever try in Portland. You know, it's getting late, the doppler radar is all starting to blend together, and they're like, screw it! Let's just say it's going to rain, everyone will believe that! But they must have been actually doing their homework when they predicted it was going to be in the 90s yesterday day, because it definitely was. Actually, when I got back in my car the thermometer read 102, but who's counting.

Anyway, when I heard the rumors of summer heat in May I figured I'd better get on the horn and track down someone with a boat! Obviously I called Zak Stone, but his boat is currently covered in all of his girlfriend's belongings. Zak is the kind of guy who makes things happen though, and he needed a break from editing, so he found one of the guys at Active Watersports who was planning to go out. Just like that, we went riding.

 Well, the water in Oregon is still really cold, and my wetsuit fits a little tighter than I remember (it took three people to get me in, and out of it), but we had a fun afternoon on the Willamette, dodging debris and slayshing at pasty Oregonians on the shore. Here's a couple pictures from our set. Zak took some of me, but my ass looked way too fat for me to put them up here and you don't need to see that anyway!