It’s finally spring and you know what that means — It’s time to figure out what you’ll be riding this summer and get a new shred stick! We’ve heard this nasty rumor about the economy though, and if you’re cutting back like the rest of us, you may be tempted to save your pennies for gas.Luckily, there are several companies making great concave (and bi-level) wakeskates for 2010 that won’t (completely) empty your wallet.

Arson Purist

Sizes: 39, 40.5

Each Arson wakeskate is handcrafted in Oregon, and all that loves costs only $249.The decks are all wood with a dura surf base and sidewall, which means despite not costing an arm and a leg, they’ll hold up for the long haul (or at least until you wanna get a new board next summer!)

Remote Wakeskates

Sizes: 39.5, 40.5, 41

It’s true, Remote Wakeskates are finally going into production, and the best news, they retail for $249. The wood skates will be manufactured by the same people who made New, so you know they won’t break because of a couple hard landings. The rumor is Remote will be releasing short runs of limited graphics, so if you don’t like what you see right now, wait a month and get something different.

Devotid Team Bi-Level

Size: 41.5

Bet you didn’t think you could get a bi-level on the cheap, but the Devotid team model comes in for the same price as many concaves- $249. For 2010, the boys from Michigan made just about everything thicker and stronger. Accordingly, the bi-level checks in at a hefty 14 pounds, but if Oury Yarbrough is any indication, it’s still got plenty of pop!

Obscura Impulse

Sizes: 40.5 and 42

This is the board you will most likely find below the feet of Danny Hampson. The asymmetrical concave is a great starter board, but it also won’t hold you back from progressing. The best part? It checks in a $199.99

O’Brien Fuse

Sizes: 103cm, 109cm

If you don’t want to kill trees, or just prefer an EVA-core concave to wood, the O’Brien Fuse is the economic choice for you. At $240, the foam top-board won’t tear up your skin, or your bank account.

Of course, these are just a few of the skates on the market, and for a little more scratch , your options are practically limitless (some models from Oak, Sattelyte, Byerly, Hyperlite and more check in under $300). Now get off the Internet and out to your local shop and check out what’s new for 2010. It’s almost summer!