The front board is one of my favorite rail tricks and is my warm up trick on most rails. To me it feels steezier than a back board, but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t that tough. Here are the basics.

Frame 1
Head towards the rail so it’s on your toe side edge. Try to stay close and parallel as you are coming up to the rail so that you are ollieing up and turning the board into frontboard, instead of just pulling yourself up on to it.

Frame 2
Pop as good of an ollie as you can.

Frame 3
Start to turn backside 90.

Frame 4
Set the board on the rail so your feet are on either side of the rail and you are completely t-ed up. Keep your body weight even. You don’t want to lean back because you’ll fall on your face. If anything lean a little bit further forward ollieing into it. It will help if you hold the handle in the small of your back to keep you in the front board position.

Frame 5
Lock your position and hold it.

Frame 6
When you see the end of the rail prepare to turn out frontside.

Frame 7
Turn your body frontside, taking the handle back towards your front hip.

Frame 8
Land and ride away flat or on your heels.

This trick will be a good intro into frontboard 90 shuv and frontboard backside 90 out. Have fun!


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