This is the newest blog from Scene One Productions about their new wakeskate video project, titled Fun Boots!  This and more found at:!

post on Friday, April 25, 2008: 

yes! fun boots! is still coming along great lately, despite us not updating this thing in forever… Okay there ARE some exciting things coming up that we have in mind.  There have been lots of homies and "bros" over lately chillin at Lake Nan with andy and me and val (all in town for toe jam and wake games). So we got some "national" footage as i like to call it (filming people from out of state), and the rails on Nan have been getting a working.
Led Zeppelin still rocks.
Scene One Productions is hopefully getting their own winch soon… this video is already like 50 percent winching, so having our own will open us up for endless possibilities!!!
Believe it or not, andrew just keeps getting better and better…
We have been getting quite a good amount of footage of Travis Doran because he keeps creepin around orlando and shredding his heart out! kid is a straight ripper.
It's very likely that we will soon be getting a LOT of footage of Nick Taylor… he's got big plans.
There is probably more stuff to talk about, like our amazing ideas for an intro and trailer, and the fact that i have NOTHING to do the month of may but film!!! winch trips galore!

stay tuned people