In my line of work, I travel a fair bit. It can be trying on my relationship with my wonderful boyfriend, but it always makes coming home that much better, if you know what I mean. So after a week-long trip to Utah, I arrived home from the airport, planning on the usual routine. But when I flipped through my mail, and saw an envelope containing a copy of Fun Boots! I ripped it open and went immediately to the DVD player to start it up. My poor boyfriend looked dismayed. “You’re seriously going to watch a wakeskate video right now?” he said. And yes, yes I was.

Now it’s no secret we’ve been hyping this movie up for over a year, so my expectations were high to say the least. It’s a dangerous proposition, and I was fully prepared to be let down. I was sort of planning to embark on a Magnolia-type viewing experience (if you haven’t seen it don’t.) And I am not going to lie. This movie was… FREAKING AWESOME.

Obviously with a rider roster containing Andrew Pastura, Ben Horan, Stu Shinn, Nick Taylor, Matt Hooker and Travis Doran (and some other worthy randoms) you are in for some good riding. But what Dave and Keith of Scene One succeeded in doing with this movie was to make a seriously legit wakeskate video. Good music, good filming and editing, and just the right length. The riders featured all have incredible parts, and it avoids the “hey look, it’s everyone we know who wakeskates” style of Scene One’s previous release. It’s long enough to contain basically every wakeskate trick known to man, but not so long that you get stiff watching it and decide to take a nap instead of going riding.

That first night I watched the main feature excitedly, but didn’t delve further into to the extras menu. Big mistake. The extras menu alone will make you LOL and then there are full parts from several other worthy riders, including a stand-put section from filmmaker David Hanson himself.

Oh yeah, Andrew Pastura is the greatest wakeskater alive, and Fun Boots! lives up to the hype. The end.