Remember that Fun Boots! photo contest from a few weeks back?  Well it took us a little while to actually find an entry worthy of victory, since most of you looked like you put in a total of maybe 30 seconds into your photo.  We had great entries, like dudes standing in their underwear in the kitchen, people smiling with their dogs (?), and a few other not-so-honorable mentions.  Sigh. 

We were about to give up hope when Kathy Doran from Bradenton, Florida sent in a picture of her son Travis (the kid from Fun Boots!???) as a young, 10-year-old water enthusiast riding a strap-on wakeboard from Egmont Key to DeSoto Point.  This picture is so priceless and amazing, we had to laugh when her email asked "Do I need to do anything else?"  No, Kathy, you do not.  The fact that this picture is going to embarrass the crap out of Trav is plenty good enough.  Look how far he's come…

So Kathy enjoy your copy of Fun Boots! that we will be sending to your house, complete with your son's signature and fellow characters in the film, like Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, Clint Tompkins, Nick Taylor, and Matt Hooker. And to anyone that may be upset that Travis's mom is winning this, well first of all look at the picture and ask yourself if there is any way you could have beaten it (the answer is no), and second of all, look ahead and if you can send us a picture of something that will give us a chuckle and make us proud, then send 'er in and you yourself may soon be the owner of a FREE and collectible edition of the year's hottest wakeskate film.  Next winner will be picked next wednesday, the 20th.  Let's see what you got!

Send your photos as low res jpegs to for consideration.