Well, here goes my blog. I've never written a blog before so I guess you could say I am a virgin to the whole thing. Anyone who reads this might ask, "why aren't you at the lake riding instead of writing this blog?" Well my answer to that reader who is asking the very same question I am asking myself is, I live in Idaho, and Idaho is an absolute mess right now. Mother nature is a fickle bitch. Sometimes she brings you milk and cookies while other times she'll take a massive crap on your parade. So my wakeskating has been at a bare minimum whereas my snowboarding and skateboarding has been at a record high. You see, here in the great land of Idaho, that sweet old lady blessed us with oodles and oodles of the freshest, deepest, fluffiest pow. I mean we're talking pure snow. Do you have any idea what the street value of this stuff is!? In other words, the snow shooshing season was off the heezy this year. As much fun as it was, I couldn't shake the thought that all of this snow slayshing wasn't doing anything for my waterskating, so I made sure to get in plenty of skateboarding. Well, the real reason for my skateboarding in excess is because it is funner than poo. Skateboarding is a one of man's greatest creations on earth, and it's free! I also just had the pleasure of traveling down to the great state of Florida to waterskate with the great Steve Campbell. We rode our faces off. Not all waterskaters are blessed enough to live in the tropics or even in the southern parts of the country so for those of us mountain folk, we must relocate. My first venture out onto the lakes of Idaho will be this weekend (April 13) and it's not a moment too soon. Last year we were on the water by the middle of March, which is far more acceptable. This year, we will be starting out on a Sunday. The funny thing about that is we're going snowboarding on Saturday. So when I dip into the bombing 40 degree water for the first time on Sunday in my 4/5 mil. wetsuit, I'll be thinking of you all; the warm southerners who are already skinning it, as well as the frigid northerners like myself who for some reason feel the need to risk hypothermia because of some crazy drive.