After my first Girl Page I got some email responses from girls who shred! Within the emails came questions that fueled the idea of the Q and A. Thanks to Chi Nguyen for emailing me these questions and being part of the progression of women riders!

Q: First of all, I bought Savannah's wakeskate. It has that clear grip tape on the deck and I always fall on it and scrape my legs up pretty badly. See pictures below. They're scarring something fierce. Is it better for me just to stick to my board and try not to fall on it or is it better for me just to go buy a new wakeskate with the rubber deck?


A: I'm now back on last year’s Hyperlite Catalyst all grip, that I got from BT. (Thanks BT!) I started out ridding the foam, then went to grip, went back to foam and now I'm back on grip. The downfall of grip is that it can be painful. And it always seems to go back to the same scab. It just comes down to personal preference. And it's not that hard or expensive to take on and off grip or foam. Right now I'm digging the grip because that's what was on my board when I got it.

Q: Some of the guys have told me it's just better to learn on the wakeskate that I have rather than buy a new one and adjust to a new board. What do you think?

A: Keeping up with product is good because you can benefit from the new features that pro riders have endorsed. On the same token, I'm on last years model and I still have the first Byerly board that I love ridding. And I learned on the old Kampus lunch box skates. Basically ridding is the best thing you can do to your riding.

Q: Also, what's an alternative to practicing when it's just too darn cold outside to even dip a toe in the water?

Perhaps, I should tell you what I can do… I can ride. Fall. Fall some more. And oh yes, a few small ollies here and there and I can ride switch. What should be the next step?

A: The trampoline, a board with some flat decks, and a indo board, and some carpet skating- just the skateboard on carpet no wheels, running, working out, and doing exercises that increase your motion in your legs and feet. Switch ridding is what I try and do and the end of every set…it makes me feel really humble about my skills. 🙂 Don't be afraid to just keep doing tricks over and over…like ollie 180. Just see how many times you can ollie 180 switch ollie 180 and so on….just try and do it higher and keep your legs floating longer….things like that, help me become consistent. Try a new trick every set. There are tricks I want to get and haven't yet learned but don't have time to either have a full set dedicated to that trick. So I at least try it three times before I go in. Or at least that's my new years resolution!

Sweet! Hope the Q & A inspired more inquires. Check out for wakeskate updates and to contact me if you have any questions. To the women, please remember that we must unite together as riders to show the progression of women wakeskaing, and to the men, thanks for being athletic role models!