I ride with a couple of chicks all the time, and then I have a couple of other girls I shred with whenever I get a chance. Lately I've been riding with, accomplished pro wakeskater Steph Wamsley and one of the best wakeboard rail riders I've seen, Ashley Becker. They are two of the hardest shredders I've come across. Riding with girls and watching them charge motivates me to try, and helps me get over insecurities that I might have.

Most of the time when us girls are riding or hanging we talk about how cool this sponsor would be and how we should go about getting them. Or how it would be cool to put on girls events or how to make sure that girls are represented. And with in the midst of these talks we have accomplished not only riding goals, but have helped paved the progression of wakeskating as a whole.

Don't have any girls that ride around you that you know of? Go to a "Maven Clinic" or to "The All Girls Week" at the Projects. Basically find a place that host Girl’s Clinics. Not only are you hanging out and riding with the pro chicks, but your riding all day a couple of days in a row, which is vital to your riding if you want to improve. Check out Maven sessions online at liquidforcemaven.com. I personally have not attended a Maven session but, Wamsley is a pro for LF she is one of the coaches at the clinics. I can vouch that she rocks not only as a rider but she is a cool chick. I'll be coaching for the "All Girls Week" at the Projects in September right after the Final Stop of The Byerly Toe Jam held at the Projects. Come watch the comp (or try and qualify), then stay for the "All Girls Week."

Let’s give the industry a reason to sponsor girls so we can have crash prizes at contests, and have more companies with more than just one paid female riders. Let’s show the importance of how girls need girl equipment, girl clothes and other girl stuff. Savannah Barber, out in Texas, has her own Pro Model wakeskate with Gatorboards. It's designed for girls. Trust me, even through I love and admire Reed Hansen, his new board weighs 15 lbs and isn’t be the board that a chick weighing 110 should ride.

The way to make people notice us is to come together and make things happen. Wakeskating is a fairly new sport. Our guys are breaking into the industry with events like the Byerly Toe Jam. (Wamsley and I have made a pact that we will ride the Toe Jam stops in the states.) It has taken the men a while to prove to sponsors that there is a demand for product, a demand for contests, a demand for making wakeskating a professional sport meaning that the pro athletes get paid. (Just like any other pro sport.) Girls need to show up to existing contests, we need to create our own jams, we need to ride together and let potential sponsors know the same thing that the guys do that there is the demand.

If you have any ideas share them. Check out my website www.reneejaquess.com where you can email me. Get involved because you want to have fun. Email us ideas, and let’s prove that girls love to wakeskate!