Currently the weather here is cloudy and 36F outside on this gloomy Saturday morning. there are still patches of snow on the ground that the sun can't see. It looks like I'm gonna be waiting a lot longer than usual to get my first set here in Canada, usually by this time the ice is gone and I'm putting my jetski lift in. But not this year. Maybe I'll just set it on the ice and let it break through so I don't have to jump in.

After these last few weeks I've lost all belief in global warming. I tried winching last weekend on Lake Ontario, it was cold as hell. So I've decided to wait til all the ice is out to ride.

Oh yea. Now that this site is up, you're going to be hearing from me all summer on wakeskate happenings in Canada. I'm going to put up videos as much as I can for your viewing pleasure.–Vince Whiteman