Jetzt geht es um die Wurst.
Literal translation = The sausage is now at stake!
Translation = The moment of truth has arrived.

Yah, yah…guten tag, meine Freunde!

The Sattelyte SausageFest has arrived in the land of the Lederhosen, fast cars and bratwurst. Without question, the sausage is now at stake. We have 7 days to get our hands on some quality video footage, photos, Fraulines, und bier in massive steins.

Today, we rode a boat set in Frankfurt; jumped on za Autobahn and are now in the German Alps at a cable park.

So far, things I have noticed about Germany:

  • there is plenty of nudity on regular magazine covers
  • cigarettes are cool – as are mullets, dark-brimmed glasses and stern facial expressions
  • the Autobahn is very fast
  • 9 person vans are NOT fast on the Autobahn

Rock on!