We got a lot of great entries for our handle giveaway and honestly it was hard to choose. After much deliberation, we selected Drew Kuchan from Whitewater, WI, who sent in the following suggestions and made us LOL:

Use 1- You could use the handle to try to use it to hold up a broken arm or leg or something like the old hospitals used to do. you would always have riding on your mind, which could be a good or bad thing.
Use 2- It could be used as an effective weapon to hurt some one by choking them or beating them with the actual handle. i wouldn't like to carry around a rope handle though unless you like to get in fights because people would make fun of you for carrying one around.
Use 3- It could be put on a rope swing for people to hold on to so you don't have to grab a huge ball (not those type).
Use 4- Instead of having your average dog leash handle you could substitute the original handle for a cooler rope handle.  you could practice handle passes and stuff just make sure you have a bigger dog.
Use 5- You could use it when you wanted to sneak out of you house or some one else's but you would need an old rope for that,  but it would be a could handle to hold on to and you don't have to attach something to your hip or slide down and other rope.  i recommend not putting it to use, but if you want to go ahead.

For his effort, we are sending Drew a brand new Straightline ARi Featherweight handle. Think you have some better ideas? We've got plenty more handles to giveaway, so send in your five uses with your name and address to brooke@alliancewake.com. If you've already entered we'll keep your ideas in contention, but you can better your chances by sending in five more suggestions. Next week we're giving out the Liquid Force Skinny Handle, perfect for riders with smaller hands or who just like a smaller grip. Check the full review of it here.