I’m not exactly sure what to write about, so I thought I would just shamelessly promote myself and others. I shot with Dieter and Steve Campbell a lot this last week and they are both killing it. Dieter has these super tweaked tail blunts down that he doesn’t even use nubs for, and I swear he boosts off the double ups as if he were strapped in. Make sure to check out his blog http://coinproductions.org/blog/ as he has just posted some sweet long exposures.Steve meanwhile, has been stomping W2W kickflips left and right as if it weren’t even a difficult trick anymore. And if you happen to catch him at OWC, well, you better keep an eye on the box cause he’s probably about to do something you’ve never seen before. 

Obscura09.com just wrapped up a photo contest that I'm sure was glorious. Make sure to check their website to see some of the amazing entries they received and find out just who won that ever so coveted cassette bandana. What else… Oh I saw on facebook that Drew P, Ben Horan, Balzer, and probably countless others that I’m just not facebook friends with, recently returned from what looked like an amazing trip to the Philippines. I haven’t spoke to them about the journey, but the pictures certainly said it all. Stu Shinn and the rest of the 941 crew just started a blog. If you want to check it out go  to http://cajunkillers.blogspot.com/. Be sure to click on the kite tube video, its hilarious.  And the video labeled old footage; pretty darn sick.

   I was at the projects yesterday, and I caught a look at the new obstacles that Project Pat and Matt Hickman had been working on for Texas Mastercraft's new system 2.0 cable. The first is about… ok I don’t know the exact measurement.. lets just say it is a super long box that Hickman termed a “wakeskate machine”. And the second is a ramp that was designed by project pat himself. Once again, I don’t know any measurements,, but let’s just say they don’t believe in wedges. These obstacles should be in place and ready to shred within the next couple weeks. So make sure you go check it out and give a big hi five to resident shredder and soon to be system 2.0 operator Clint Tompkins. Oh and check out his blog too at http://wetsignature.blogspot.com/    Just be careful, its going to make you want to immediately go to Texas and winch.    

Well that’s all I can think of for now, so go check out some of these sites and support your local dude bro.