Make em say Nahuntuhhhh...

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photo: Soderlind

What up dude? Happy Birthday! Where are you?

Thanks dude, just waking up, I’m in Texas right now for Aaron’s contest this weekend.

I’m calling you to do a little mini-interview and feature on you for the Alliance website, what should I call you, Andy, Andrew, or Drew?

Ummm let’s go with Drew, follow in the footsteps of good old Drew Mcguckin

What’s your plan the rest of this year?

Nothing too crazy, I’ll be going back to Ohio to spend some time with the family for awhile and then I’ll be back at the Nan house in Orlando

How’s life at the Nan House? Who is living there now?

(laughter) Well life at the Nan house is good, my friends Tad and Chris just moved in so it’s me, those two, Jack, and Roland. Nan life is always good though, there is no boats on the lake so it keeps things pretty low key for riding.  We’ve a got a few rails back up and in working order so it’s been fun sessioning those recently.

How old are you today?

Got any insane new tricks lately people need to know about? Or at least something you’ve been stoked on?

I haven’t really done anything too crazy lately. I did do a few three flips down Ben Horan’s pool gap so I was stoked on that

What about tricks other people are doing that you are stoked on?

Ben did this footplant in Texas that was super sick, that kind of stuff definitely gets me pumped to try new stuff. All the lock in tricks people have been doing on rails is pretty awesome too. I saw a video of some Louisiana kids doing different heelflip variations and stuff and that was killer too.  Seeing people kind of come out nowhere is definitely a good thing for the sport.

What wakeskater influences you the most?

Hooker definitely influences me a lot, he’s always doing some pretty gnarly stuff.  My brother influences me a lot too. He kind of took the winter off since it is so cold up in Ohio but he catches up so fast.  He has no problem learning new tricks so that really pushes me to get better.  I was just on a trip with Travis Doran, Nick Taylor, and Stu Shinn and those guys were killing it. Dan Hampson has been back on the water too so I can’t wait to ride with him and see what he’s up to. Yan has been killing it lately too with a bum knee.  Ben Horan of course is always doing locked in stuff and making wakeskating look good.

Who wins in a game of S.K.A.T.E  between you and Ben?

Well skateboarding definitely Ben

Well then who wins in a game of S.K.A.T.E on the water?

(laughter) Oh probably Ben again

Who has the better blog, Obscura or Remote?

(laughter) I would say you guys for sure. Is that is even a question for the interview or are you just wondering?

It’s going to go in the interview now that you answered the question right, any last shout outs or questions I need to ask before I let you go back to sleep?

Umm I really can’t think of anything, it’s too early dude, we had a long drive here from Florida