OK so maybe this isnt about actual hookers. But I am talking about Matt Hooker, almost the same thing. I went shredding with him yesterday and it was good times. Unfortunately he only had his boat working, so the photography was a little lame.

Now I dont know what it's called, but you know when you turn the boat, and it makes the wake a little more rampy (I dont think thats a word), well thats what we were doing. Hooker was trying to see how high he could pop off it, which quickly turned into seeing how high he could kickflip off it. He didnt end up landing it, but was real close and the kickflips were ginormous. So next time you find yourself behind a boat,try this out, and see how high you can throw your tricks. Who knows, maybe you'll throw the biggest shuv in recorded wakeskate history. Yeaaaa!! Hehe.

This wasnt the best picture I had of these kickflip attempts, but I thought it did the best job of showing just how ridiculously high they were. And be sure to check out my camio in the Kyle Hyams video that is up right now, who knew I could make a full suit look sooo good.