Well for those of you that haven’t heard I have been on the injured list fort the last 2 months. No big deal just a little dirt bike crash. You know just over the bars then under the bike and off to the hospital. When I finally came to the injury report was as follows
Broken Tib and Fib, fractured cheekbone, and some really badly bruised ribs.

    Lucky for me travel insurance has always been a must so everything was looked at after I flew back up to Canada later on that week (that was the worst flight of my life) with strict orders to stay off my leg for the next 3 months.

    Its been two months now and I’m starting to come around the bend they gave me the okay to start putting a little bit of weight on my leg and I just stopped coughing up blood last week. My leg is feeling really strong and yesterday I couldn’t resist. Yep I hopped in the boat and went for a shred. Just a little cruise but it was the best, when your life is based around wakeskating and you can’t do it you start to freak out. I just couldn’t handle it any longer. My good buddy Ivan was a little skeptical about giving me a pull but it all worked out fine. Things are starting to look up. We heal fast up here in Canada I think it’s all the moose meat.