It’s rare you see published photos of professional wakers in the comforts of their own home. In this semi-regular feature, we’ll check out some of the rooms of wakers to find out what they deem important enough to keep around.

1. Toe Jam Trophies- A friend of mine made this setup for me to put my three Toe Jam trophies I won, love those things

2. Spencer “Chewy” Williams- That’s my roommate who is probably checking to see if he can play with #3

3. Xbox 360- Call of Duty is pretty much the main game played, Chewy is always trying to play when I’m not using my computer

4. Skull Candy Blowup – Skull Candy sent me this little blowup thing that just kind of floats around my room

5. $20 dollar bill- That is the first money I ever made to travel somewhere and DJ

6. Computer Screens- I’m doing a lot of editing lately so this is my setup, I can output to video to the big screen so everyone in the room can see what I’m working on, check out for the latest!

7. Two framed pieces of art- an original drawing from Son of my 2010 graphic is on the right. On the left is a print of my first graphic he did

8. That girl is one of the infamous twins

9. Dog bed in the corner- that’s where our dogs Emma and Nina sleep

10. Headphones on TV- The wireless double agents by Skullcandy, the best headphones