The Brooke Geery Empire (working title) recently hired an unpaid staff member in the form of an intern. Nick Lipton got his job by doing a 180 over another kid for me to take a picture of at Mt. Hood, and then following up again and again. but mostly he was hired for his willingness to work for free.

 Since a major part of BGE is, I figured we'd better get him out of the water, and fast. Everyone can talk smack when they've never tried, but if he was going to be good at this job, he needed a piece of humble pie.

Silas Thruman was nice enough to take us out on his neatly wrapped Nike 6.0 boat on the Columbia. First step of hazing was to make intern drive the boat and Silas's big truck. If he didn't mess that up, well, he was off to a good start.

When he finally took the water (in his short shorts mind you) he didn't let us give him any instructions. He said "let's just see how this goes first." The result: the little bastard got up first try. He slayshed, turned and even tried a couple shuvs. I'll be honest, it was a little annoying. Anyway, intern has been initiated, and now he can, and will, talk smack.