Last night I arrived at the newly remodeled MCO — my first trip of the year to Orlando. As you may know, the first Toe Jam is tomorrow (practice today), which is of course, why I am here. While the promise of seeing insane riding go down is great, it wasn't until the lake-dotted ground of Florida came into view, that I really started to get excited. It's been almost 6 months since I've seen everyone (video chat doesn't count), and got to ride in warm water, and I plan to take care of all of that in the next few days. I guess I've been distracted by the snow (shameless plug), but not anymore!

The riding kicks off at OWC today at 4 for a practice session that is sure to be all -out mayhem. Who will be there? Who will land the first kicklfip out, or even up the gap? What kind of ridiculous lock in tricks will we see? Only time will tell and I can't wait! I know not everyone is lucky enough to be here, so i'll be doing my best to keep you updated real time via twitter and of course with pictures and video as soon as it's over. 

Now enough internetting. I'm gonna to ride!