Congratulations to Evan Gambetta of Santa Barbara, CA. He just scored himself a pair of Oakley Jupiters! Being honest, no one got ALL the answers right to what was apparently our most difficult contest to date. But Evan got most of them including listing out all the flip tricks George pulled off in Push Process and hey, that counts for something. If you were wondering, here are all the correct answers. (If you don't care just go watch this new video of George.)

What was the first trick George landed in his Push Process part?   Varial Flip

What was the name of the band in George's section in Push Process?
The Allman Brothers

What was the last trick George landed in his push process part? Wake-to-Wake varial flip

How many different variations of flip tricks does George land in his part? 11

What style of Oakley’s is George wearing with the violet Iridium lenses in his part?

When was George born? 11/8/1986

What year did George make the cover of alliance?

What is the biggest fish George has ever caught? 10-pound bass

What year was George the World Champion? 2004