At the request of Brian Grubb and Brandon Thomas, Catalyst by Hyperlite has just signed Chris Kallas to their Skate Team.  Chris was born on the Gold Coast of Australia in 1990 and has been skating for just over 5 years.  He’s on his second tour to the US and said “I’m just so pumped to be working with guys I’ve looked up to from the get go, Brian & BT are great skaters and some of the first guys I ever got to know.” 

Chris also rides for Daniel Watkins Wake Shop -De ja Vu, Reef & Dragon.  When asked about his focus for this season he said, “I’m working on my consistency in order to do well in the Toe Jam and other comps, lock down some cool podcasts and hopefully get in the mags.”   To learn more about the Catalyst athletes and Chris Kallas hit us up at