So I took this shot of Kyle a couple weeks ago when he came over to shred. I meant to post it then, but forgot about it until I was looking over some old shots yesterday.  There are a couple things to be noticed in this picture. First and probably most obvious is the ridiculous attire Kyle is sporting. Is that a suit? I apparently missed the memo declaring that wearing jeans and a shoe string were no longer the accepted style. 

The second and probably most important thing to notice however, is Kyle’s lack of hair.  That’s right, it gone. He shaved it off.  I never thought I would see the day.  The man with the best hair in the biz has relinquished his title. What was he thinking?!? I surely have no idea, but I suppose Mr Hyams is just trying to grow up, or maybe he just needs a job. Either way, it doesn’t seem to have affected his riding too much. 

I posted a couple shots of kyle sporting this new dew so check em’. And keep a look out for the next edition of Snaps coming later this week….