Today I arrived in Orlando at 6 am. A nap and a few hours later we hit the road for Louisiana. Our crew is myself, Ryan Lemons, Reed Hansen, Matt Manzari and Rodrigo Donoso. We made it to Tallahassee and have so far hit three gaps. You'll have to wait for the feature in an upcoming issue of Alliance Wakeboard for all the details but here are a few highlights from today:

–Matt had to try v flips with a knife at his waist to fend off rogue gators at one gap.

–We got kicked out of a fountain in gainesville by the nicest cop.

–Matt nearly took himself out on a flats kickflip trying to stick it to the man.

–Reed is good. Way too good.

–Ryan needs some aderol so he isn't such a scary driver. Maybe he is just antsy for gumbo. Either way if i hear one more Bright Eyes song I might kill myself.

–Reed is too busy watching westerns in his fancy shmanzy truck to keep up.

Thanks to Jeff Knox for showing us around Gainesville today! Check back for more tomorrow and maybe even some video.