Boise, ID

So here it is, the legend of the Legacy Eight.  Here in Boise, ID, winch spots have been going under significant change, making it more and more difficult to enjoy them.  The poo pond that was featured in an earlier spot or not just became too poopy, and the Beacon Light drop just got a new face lift after a large cement bridge was erected over the top of it.  They are all still doable, just different.  With no luck of finding anything else for a while, I was driving along through BF Idaho farmland minding my own business when I came across a structure that looked like the freaking gateway that Atreau had to pass through in the Neverending Story.

It was the entrance to a golf course neighborhood called
"Legacy," which happens to be a Jack Nicholas course.  This setup is the most perfect I have ever seen in all of my days. A perfect approach to a perfect eight stair to a perfect deep ass landing. Not to mention the peacefulness and serenity that the whole area holds.  The spot has so much potential.  

The only bummer is, after Reed Watson and I got about five hits each, the neighborhood developers came over and said, "whoa whoa whoa, completely unacceptable guys."  Now I'm sitting in these people's pond looking like a scary tattooed piece of shit, just trying to be as gentlemanly as possible.  We BS-ed for a while then were forced to leave.  So if you ever make it out to Idaho, the land of secrets and hidden spots, you should definitely hit this one up.  After all, they told us "no," not you…