So here we are in September. Probably one of the most anticipated months of the year for wakeskating. Not only is the final Toe Jam stop this month, where we see the slot winners from all the other stops compete for the final time to get that coveted Toe trophy, but also the Surf Expo happens in Orlando where all the wake related companies bring out their new product to show buyers for the next season. Plus we just got to see the 2nd stop for the Toe Jam from TSR on Fuel. If you missed it, it will be replayed on the 24th of this month.

With all the big names coming into town for the end of the contest season the lakes are sure to be quite crowded with rippers. Luckily we have 3 storms sitting out in the Atlantic ready to pounce on Orlando and create even more sick spots for doing some good ol’ fashion street skating, winch-style. Be careful out there though, Johnny Law and his evil band of misfits have been taking down winch spots lately like crazy.

This month also marks the birth of photographer Bryan Soderlind’s new website.  If you aren’t familiar with Bryan or his work, check out the video RLAND. The man is a wizard behind any kind of camera and if you look in any wake magazine you will see his work for sure. Check it out.

Oh, and the cat’s out of the bag now! Mutiny will return to from the glory days and rise from the ashes. For 2009 Erich Schmaltz has decided to tap into the history of wakeskating and bring back the days of old. Integrity-Wake will now include of a Mutiny line of wakeskates and wakeboards. Mutiny was Erich's original company before Integrity that made wakeboards and eventually wakeskates. He has reissued one of the signature boards and it looks like Ryan Lemons will be the first pro on the team (I don't think he had a choice.) Look out for Mutiny at SurfExpo later this month.

The Republican National Convention was held this week, which means we are getting closer to November and the election of our new President. I urge all undecided wakeskaters to cast your ballot for Aaron Reed for President of the United States of America. Write his name on the ballot and let’s make history! Aaron could do some real change for the world and we need to acknowledge that. Hopefully if he gets elected and we all get complimentary Obscura T-Shirts!  With Danny Hampson as his VP and Kyle Hyams as Secretary of State who knows where this country could go!!!

Yeah, this month is great for our sport but it’s also great for another group of individuals that we have an abundance of here in the great state of Florida. Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day every year. So make sure that you are extra nice to all the seniors putting around Orlando on that day and try not to get in their way when they are driving to Country Kitchen Buffet or they will send the AARP out to get us!

Aaron Reed for President!!!!!!!!