On July 3rd the Salem Yacht and Boat Club aka SYBC gives its members and their guests a firework show that the kids will talk about all summer long, excited for the next year.  Due to safety issues, the firework setup crew asks that all boats out of the water at 4:30. Well that's still over 5 hours of light left and when you have 300-400 people and half are kids, you need something! Well this year to help pass the time to darkness, the SYBC board, and Western Display gave OTT permission to set up some rails and do a nice little winch demo. From 6-7 and 8-dark, we winched to our heart's content. It seemed to give the kids a good show and the parents a nice break from wondering where little Drake and Ashlyn went off too.  Thanks SYBC, Lovegrove Collision, Crash Inc. Trenton Young for driving the winch, Sandi. B Photography and everyone else who helped pull rope, film, or take pics!