At 9 o’clock I left Nemo Design and drove over to Brooke’s house. I hadn’t slept, I hadn’t eaten, but I was ready for a day at Nike. I slept through the car ride, total bummer, but now I was energized and ready to rock n’ roll. Nike was giving us free food, free gear, and a chance to run wild on their billion dollar campus before the 6.0 demo started.

Thousands of Nike employees, random onlookers, media heads, beautiful women, and other athletes crowded around the Nike lake for the final Migration action. For 4 hours the 6.0 kids put on a wild demo, the crowd grew louder and louder and was well into the thousands.

Nike built a mini X-games for these kids and even included a snowboard setup and a rail in the lake for the wakeskaters to winch. People cut loose at the demo and I mean real loose. Dollar beer day helped to create a rowdy crowd hell bent on getting their fill of action sports.

Ben Horan had the mobs attention when he started banging tricks out during the demo. Nike was the biggest crowd a wakeskate event has ever had, maybe dollar beers is a good idea? After crushing the miniramp all day Ben danced on the rail and ended with a banger frontboard back big out.

Some German kid named Tarik came out, had never seen a winch before but went for it anyway. Watching this kid figure out how to ride a winch was great, he eventually put a few tricks down.

The handle bar mustache having Matt Manzari got wild on the rail doing shuv this and shuv that variations all day. Matt also managed to crash the best for hours prior to the demo. The guy looked like a pissed biker all day.

The great 6.0 Mentor Silas got on the board even though he wasn’t supposed to. He goofed off for a while, tried a few tricks, and eventually got bored and dried off.

The crowd went nuts for the riders but the energy was matched by each slam and slash that soaked everyone. Even the soggy old lady standing next to me smiled after Nick Taylor sent a tidal wave over the audience. The only dry person within thirty feet of me was Alliance Wakeskate editor Brooke Geery. She was smart enough to stand on top of the mini ramp well out of the waters reach.

The event finally came to an end for the audience but Nike had one last surprise for the athletes and media, yacht party. Free food, drinks, and a rave set the tone for a good time. Migration 2009 should be even better so convince someone you should be on Nike.