In the past week, My body has had a complete change, as the climate has. I've gone from shivering to sweating in about 4 days. On my last blog post, there was no visible water on the lakes, and now there's no ice to be seen. The water levels have raised up about a foot due to the run-off of the record breaking snowfall in my area. I know it can't compete with anything on the west coast but winter seemed to last forever here. Yesterday Morning, I was out in my driveway washing my car in shorts, a shirt and my bare feet. 3 days ago I was still able to see my breath when I walked to get in my car to drive to work.

I kind of like having no "transition period" in between seasons. It's almost as if mother nature just flicked our summer switch on. On Tuesday it was only 45F outside and there was snow in the forecast and today it was clear blue skies and 80F weather.

I've got back into skateboarding a lot in this weather, I feel like I've shaved off 5 pounds in the last 3 days alone with the extreme heat we've had, but I love it. I hope we have a long, warm summer ahead of us. Time for me to attempt getting a tan!!!! aaahahahahaha…