Photo: Adam Aslanian

Trick: Heelflip
Date: 27th of July, 2009
Humidity: 100%
Driver: Jen Gilanfarr

Keaton and I had been trying to shoot for about a week with absolutely no luck.  It seemed every time I pulled out my camera, a storm blew in. Luckily Keaton doesn’t live far from me. So one day, when it actually looked like the storms were going to subside for a moment, I quickly gave Keaton a buzz and headed over. Everything was perfect, good light and calm water, finally. This crazy lady on a jetski had other plans though, as she decided to drive donuts around us, but we weren’t about to let that stop us. Rollers and all, we figured might as well still give it a go. I’m sure glad we did cause I couldn’t have asked for better results.